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Various projects, program libraries and program snippets and documentation

Wireless data transmission via laser
Construction manual for a no-noise MP3-Player with networking abilities  made of old computer parts with display and a remote control
Python module for programming cgi-scripts for web forms. The module supports the automatic checking of the input values, error handling and more. For further information have a look at the Readme-File.
IBAN Generator/Decryptor
Python module for encrypting/decrypting the "International Bank Account Number" (IBAN) from/to the account number
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Collection of python implementations for the sieve of erastothenes for the generation of prime numbers
Little program for learning multiplication tables for children in wxPython
What exactly does this (perfectly documented) code? To find out, I use the "BFI" interpreter for the programming language "BrainF**k" in Python with debugging capabilities.
Plone Benchmarks
was always curious how Plone 2 performs and what hardware is necessary for a plone site. Therefore I did some benchmarks with Apache Bench (ap2).