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The BankSimulationProgram (BSP) was developed to simulate the tasks of the bank from the perspective of a customer. The BSP should on the one hand illustrate a realistic picture of a bank, on the other hand it should reduce the bank manager from various tasks.

The monetary transactions are the base of the program and are complemented by several other functions. These other functions enable the BSP to handle a realistic payment. They consist of a customer and account management and clearing functions. The BSP is used for the administration of the payment of training firms. All transactions of training firms with inland and abroad partners are stored in the system.

The BSP accomplishes the following tasks:

  • A training firm bank has to be managed with minimal personal (appr. 20-30 manhours per week) and has to handle appr. 500 customers. For this reason, a simple and fast operation of the program is necessary.
  • The training firms should have access to the BSP via electronic banking. Therefore a telebanking interface and support for various data carriers are supported.

The BSP is implemented as a relational database in a client/server style:

  • For customers, an internet interface is available
  • For bank managers a spcific, multi-platform client in C++ was developed
  • As a server, a Linux system and a relational database is used.


BSP-Client under MS-Windows

BSP Linux Client

Internet-Banking (account information)

Internet-Banking (inland transaction)