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SOAP Interface for an Internet/Fieldbus Gateway
Diploma thesis about the suitability of SOAP Web Services for a Internet interface on an Internet/Fieldbus gateway. The thesis can be downloaded as a PDF-document or online in HTML format.
Related to my diploma thesis, an open source framework for the rapid creation of clients and servers for OPC XML Data Access (OPC XML-DA) compliant servers was developed. The project page can be accessed here.
Long Distance Data Transmission (LDDT)
Design of a modulator/demodulator in a FPGA for a low-cost point to point connection
Fault tolerant ascpects in field buses
Article that provides an overview for methods and instruments to fault tolerance in field buses. Moreover the article describes implementations of fault tolerance in certain field buses (in German)
Fault Tree Analyses (FTA)
Article about the fault tree analysis (FTA) and other methods to fault analyses such as CTM, MSFTA, CQTM, PHA and FMEA (in German)
Mathematical Methods in environment protection
Programs related to a lection - solution of several models with differential equations